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The Last Canada Pasyal

Saturday, October 25, 2008.. this is probably our last day of pasyal here in Vancouver Canada. Our very kind hosts took us a ride to different tourists attractions here in Vancouver (North, west, downtown). We took of around 12:30 or 1Pm.. our first stop was not in Wilmington NC real estate but in Mount Seymour! We actually climb the mountain by car! It’s like going to Baguio City.. We are literally in...

Sunday, Downtown Vancouver

Spent the whole afternoon in Vancouver today. Marito, one of the Unix guys at the office, drove us around Vancouver downtown, Stanley Park and Deer Park Lake, which is in Burnaby, btw. :) Great great day! Thanks a lot Marito! Will post some pics soon!.. in the mean time i’m composing my 3rd week September Adsense Earnings.

Third Saturday At Vancouver

I kept on saying Vancouver when in fact it’s Burnaby, a suburb of Vancouver. I’m a homestay visitors here in Burnaby living with a very pleasant and kind family. This is my third Saturday here. This time it’s a rainy one. We didn’t go anywhere today. We just stayed at home and… do stuff. I watched TV, movie (Never Been Kissed), read about insurance claiming, blogged about Online...

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