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Sony Vaio: Power and Style

My 1 year old NEO laptop needs to be upgraded! I am no in the market of buying a new laptop computer for my self, my wife and for matthew I am thinking of getting my self a Sony Vaio. That is a notebook computer that combines both power and design! Trivia: Did you know that SOny Vaio is often mispelled as Sony Viao? Yeah, it’s true.

Asus Eee PC for Eli?

I’ve been reading a lot of blog posts about Asus’ cute little notebook called the Eee PC. I even have an office mate who bought one couple of weeks ago. Though I heard there’s a pink one, she bought the white cute little one. There are lots of hacks and programs and things you can do with the Eee PC. But let’s talk about the hardware and specs… All the units have a 900MHz Intel Celeron...

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