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Sunday, Downtown Vancouver

Spent the whole afternoon in Vancouver today. Marito, one of the Unix guys at the office, drove us around Vancouver downtown, Stanley Park and Deer Park Lake, which is in Burnaby, btw. :) Great great day! Thanks a lot Marito! Will post some pics soon!.. in the mean time i’m composing my 3rd week September Adsense Earnings.

First Week Adsense Earnings

I’m thinking of posting my weekly Google Adsense earnings starting now, today, September 7 2008. Why am I doing this? Pure boredom. It’s my first weekend here in Burnaby, Canada. Yesterday, Saturday we went to the Metrotown (local mall here) but now it’s a lazy Sunday, nothing to do (next week I’ll do my laundry). And because I have nothing to write! hehehe Anyway, this is not new. I once...

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