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Windows Vista Aero VS Linux Ubuntu Beryl

Here’s one cool video that I found on Yutube. Head to head combat between Windows and Linux! Watch the video after the jump and choose your pick! Both are jaw-dropping! (not counting the blue screen blooper at the end) Which will I install on my computer? Windows Vista (full product) for $399 ($259 for upgrade) or Ubuntu Linux for FREE!! Choose now! :)

gOS – Google Operating System?

What do you get if you combine Linux (an open source operating system) and Google applications? (Check out complete list of Google apps, sites and services) ?? You’ll get gOS! Watch your back Microsoft!! Looks like Google wants it all! With the buzz of having a Google Phone (gPhone) and after buying feedburner, blogger and jaiku, Google applications will now also be integrated in a Linux Kernel-based...

Google’s GPhone Will Be Out By Mid-2008?

Remember my first post about Google’s Phone (gphone?) in early August? The talked about ‘gphones’ may include Google online services and lets outside developers create applications (just like what Apple will be doing in February ’08) Gphone Wireless Carries? The Wall Street Journal and Reuters reported Tuesday evening that Google is in “serious discussions” with Verizon Wireless...

iPhone Killer Is A Penguin: The OpenMoko Neo1973

You’ve probably heard that recently Apple will offer a software development kit for the iPhone next February. That means that there will be more application that will come out for the iPhone since many developer and sysads will surely get their hands dirty creating iPhone programs. Why Give Out iPhone’s Secret? This is a good move for Apple because of that kid who managed to hacked the supposedly...

Satellite TV in the Philippines

Television has come a long way since Edwin Belin, and Englishman from Sorbonne France, demonstrated (and patented) the transmission of photographs by wire as well as fiber optic cables and radar. This was December 1922. At present day, you have hundreds of channels at the tip of your fingers. There are free TVs and of course there are cable and satellite TV. In the Philippines, there are numbers of Cable TV...

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