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Arnel Pineda And Jayson Fernandez

What does Arnel Pineda and Jayson Fernandez have in common? No, they’re not huge, hunk men that take creatine ethyl ester. Sorry try again. Both men are pinoy, true. Both men are pinoy banda rockers. And of course, the thing that both of them have… pure goddam Luck… And syempre Talent.. :) Want to know more? Arnel Pineda is now the lead vocalist of the ever popular foreign band behind the hit...

Arnel Pineda of The Zoo, Journey’s New Vocalist!

More info for Arnel Pineda Here… You know for us pinoys when you hear the band name “The Journey” you think of either “Steve Perry” or “Open Arms”, right? Right! Well in case you don’t know (livin’ under the rock, have you?), Steve Perry left the band way back in 1996, Steve Augeri (Steve’s replacement?) left in ’06 and the latest so far, Jeff Scott...

The Complete Beatles Recording Sessions

The Complete Beatles Recording Session. I first saw this book in National Bookstore Cubao Branch. I usually hang out the music section of the bookstores back in those days (up to now). Anyway, the book was all torn out and was old looking. Many hands had already pass through the once shinny pages of that book. It was on sale. The original price of more than a thousand pesos was 30% cheaper that day. Still I could...

McCartney Years DVD set

Paul McCartney is set to release a collection of his music videos, live concerts and performance, personal commentaries, behind the scenes excerpts and other goodies on a boxed DVD set. The release date was reported to be today (or yesterday – timestamp tool) November 13, 2007. The DVD Set, amply titled McCartney Years is a 3 volume DVD collection that put together all 4 decades of Paul McCartney’s...

Message From Rivermaya’s New Frontman – Jayson Fernandez

Here’s Jayson Fernandez with a little message for aspiring musicians out there…. (video from Yutube) Cheers!

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