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Top Earners of Today

Hey look at that! It’s Matthew, with $12.50! :D Since that 2 post per day thing.. :-)

Blog Addicts Never Stop

Allen wrote something about idiom expression that he applied the meanings in blogging. Those idioms that also reveal the secrets of successful blogs. Good stuff! It made me think of the blog pros who went to those things that get them to where they are now. Those people who eat blog post for breakfast, lunch, miryenda and dinner. Those people who thinks more about what topics to post that Sex. (Good God! I still...

Strumazole Is Number 1

hahahahaha… I just found out that searching ‘strumazole’ (the medicine I take for my Hyperthyrodism problem) is number one on Yahoo Search! Nice! Try it… hehehehe, hanggang kailan kaya yan… :-) Natalo ko pa mga Drug/Medicine website.. :-) Sa Google di pa eh…

Smile, Mercury Drug People!

I don’t know if it’s just me but every time I go to any Mercury Drug store, those same old smiles greet me. NOT! :-) I’ve been one loyal customer of Mercury Drug for years now because of my this stupid hyperthyroidism crap. (Loyal as in, I have no other drug store to go to. None of them have Strumazole or Thiamazole.Every branch I’ve been fortunate to visit (Sta. Rosa, Cabuyao, Sta. Maria,...

The Odd Number Three (3)

I was tagged by my favorite ninja, Thet. I’m supposed to give out 3 very condifindential information about myself… If you read this, I have to kill you. hehehehe… Three things that scare me: 1. Losing my parents (yes master thet, me too.) 2. Heights… Well, not exactly, falling from a high place is more like it. 3. Dying Three people who make me laugh 1. My boy, Matthew! 2. Those guys (and...

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