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Watch Prison Break Episode 17 The Mother Lode Online In Streaming Video!

Prison Break Episode 17 The Mother Lode Watch Prison Break Episode 17 The Mother Lode Online In Streaming Video! That’s it.. yung lang po.. just want to plug that show out.. I am a fan of Scofield brothers… though the current season sucks.

The Sweet Sound of Nothing-ness

I like that title… The sweet sound of nothingness… well, it sound wrong but i like the ring of it… I think is should be, The Sound of Silence or something. :) Today I took my car to Mazda Greenhills casa to have my brake replaced.. well not the brake, but the spring that locks the brake pad to the holding thingy. Damage was Php2090 with P650 on services and 1200 something on parts and 200 of...

Things Learned in Blogging

One of great benefits of blogging are the trivias you learned as you go and blog everyday with different topics each time. Take me for example, I’ve been blogging random things and knowing the story behind those topics. I only noticed it just now that every time I blog a topic I learned something about it. Take history for example, before I never knew the story of Juno Beach or the Battle of Passchendaele....

Chocolate for the Kids, Soaps for the Titas

After office, we went out again. The original plan was to get and buy that digital camera (or a laptop) that my brother wants, a Sony DSCW300 (no codek requirements). But unfortunately, they were out of stock. Tried looking also for it on BestBuy (we were in Futureshop btw) but the same, nothing. NCIX was our next destination. Jon apparently wanted to buy that audio/video stereo thingy that Mike and Ever bought,...

Gift to the Wife: 47LG50 HDTV

Yep, along with some Addidas apparel and my mom’s bag, today I bought for my lovely wife here dream TV – a high-defintion TV with display capability of 1080p. The model? It’s a 47LG50, yes it’s from LG. Bought it today at Futureshop. They have it on sale! If you’re going to buy this kind of TV in the Philippines get your Php 120,000+ ready coz it is really constly in manila. Here...

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