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$100 in 20 Days! That’s A Record!

Please pardon me if I could not hide my excitement and just blurted it all out here on this post… I just reached $100 in 20 days! That’s a record for me! Eli! I guess I’m really be getting my first ever Google Adsense payment next month! Hurray!!! I still have 10 more days for April!!! And that is swell coz I still need to earn $20 to make my earnings an even $***.**!!! Last Month (March), well,...

My Googel Adsense Improvement

Here’s a one time(?) post/report on my Google Adsense improvement thanks to the misspellings of words and of course SEO! This aint the first time I ever posted my Adsense earnings here. There’s that famous $10 per month adsense earning for several months. But that’s not completely true, $10 may have been an average Adsense earning for a couple of months (and the image is gone.. :D) (I don’t...

Everything Eli Nowhere To Be Found In Google SERP

… well, it’s there somewhere, but some of the keywords that usually rank high on Google are now gone. Strumazole, or Hyperthyroidsm or even “arnel pineda journey”, which are some of the keywords found on this blog… Nada! Even change the Arnel Pineda keyword to more specific like “arnel pineda journey everything eli” and still, nothing.. Even typing the domain name sometimes...

Marhgil Macuha on Yahoo!

Good news (for me)! Here’s an update for my entry on Marhgil Macuha SEO contest. I’m on page 1 of Yahoo!! Second only to Macuha.com himself! hehehe I can almost smell that cool $50 paypal money now.. hehehe How about Google? F@#&*c Google! Darn Google.. :) … Sayang naman yung $100, :D Few weeks more!

Google’s Finally Got Me

When Google penalized ‘cant-say bloggers couple of weeks back, I thought I was one of the lucky bloggers who are spared of the zero (0) page rank. Yes, it’s PR 0 for everyone who ever did ‘cant say’. I was wrong. Yesterday, while I was making my post for the Marhgil Macuha SEO Contest, I noticed that there’s no green color on the Google Toolbar PR part on my firefox browser. I thought...

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