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Sony Vaio: Power and Style

My 1 year old NEO laptop needs to be upgraded! I am no in the market of buying a new laptop computer for my self, my wife and for matthew I am thinking of getting my self a Sony Vaio. That is a notebook computer that combines both power and design! Trivia: Did you know that SOny Vaio is often mispelled as Sony Viao? Yeah, it’s true.

Gift to the Wife: 47LG50 HDTV

Yep, along with some Addidas apparel and my mom’s bag, today I bought for my lovely wife here dream TV – a high-defintion TV with display capability of 1080p. The model? It’s a 47LG50, yes it’s from LG. Bought it today at Futureshop. They have it on sale! If you’re going to buy this kind of TV in the Philippines get your Php 120,000+ ready coz it is really constly in manila. Here...

Playstation 3 and Stuffs

News flash! I bought for myself (well, for my brothers and matt and CK too) a Playstation 3 game console with ROCKBAND DRUMSET and ROCkstar Game! Coolness! I love it! Last night, I’ve been browing Utube videos and watching people play this, and it looked way cool! After office today (TGIF) Jon and I went to FutureShop (super near the Metrotown) to buy a Blueray disc player (when in fact we really are looking...

My First Ever Laptop: A NEO Empriva 540SVBe

Bought my very first ever laptop the day after Sean was born… Another one of my spur of the moment thing. Yep, I did bought a NEO Empriva 540SVBe laptop (with 1 GB computer memory, I thought it’s just 512MB) yesterday but it was totally not planned and not even discussed with the missus! It really was another incident of impulsive buying habit of Eli… tsk tsk.. bad Eli! I went to the nearest mall...

Crazy Microsoft Windows Error and Crazy (But Useful?) Inventions!

Crazy Microsoft Windows Error I know all you computer (PC) users saw this error BIOS before, that says: Error: No Keyboard, Press F1 to Continue Right? Well, here’s a collection of some more funny error messages from Microsoft Windows. Made me laugh for a while…. Here’s a sample: Crazy (But Useful?) Inventions! Alvin Poh has a collection of cool and crazy inventions that will surely make you smile...

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