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My First Ever Laptop: A NEO Empriva 540SVBe

Bought my very first ever laptop the day after Sean was born… Another one of my spur of the moment thing. Yep, I did bought a NEO Empriva 540SVBe laptop (with 1 GB computer memory, I thought it’s just 512MB) yesterday but it was totally not planned and not even discussed with the missus! It really was another incident of impulsive buying habit of Eli… tsk tsk.. bad Eli! I went to the nearest mall...

July 12 Ric’s Bday

2007-07-11 9:00:11 pm And we should get ready man! happy birthday dude!

Personal Journal No More?!

What happened to the old way that I blog? I used to put stuff here about me and my family (I still do) and the things that interests me (which I still do too). Kaya lang lately medyo dumadami ulit mga commercial post. Lalo ngayon may second link assignment ako sa Blog to Profit (B2P). I’m concern with my fellow blogmates. They might not come here to visit me anymore because of these product/services/website...

Double Posts

OOpppss… sorry na double post ko pala… hehehe Di ko naman ma-delete yung isang post kasi may comment pareho.. hehehe, baka magalit si Joy or si Tina.. :) Anyway, tuloy ang buhay…. 2nd night shift.. parusa na naman….

Which ‘Heroes’ are You?

Since Season 1 ended on Heroes, I really really miss the show… Remember the last episode? That was the best episode yet! Because I love that show very much I’ve made special post just for “Heroes”… Gagawin ko sana to sa 3rd party voting poll, but I didn’t… Mas gusto ko yung mga comment nyo.. hehehe.. Here are your choices Hiro Nakamura – He can stop time as well as...

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