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Merry Christmas 2009!

Merry Christmas everyone! Don’t forget to count your blessings! Be good, lots more are coming for you in 2010!

Innerchild Banner

Another Innerchild post here… While my brother is busy doing the reinstallation and reconfiguraiton of the client computer in the computer shop, I did a simple banner to be printed in tarpaulin. check out the banner here I was going to help him with the PC but I was pretty busy with Matt and Sean.. Eula, the girl who do the clothes resigned and I was left here helping with the kids.. And tomorrow I have to go...

Flickr Site and Everything Eli Integration

Serious? Nah!, originally uploaded by elizarpalad. I just included this blog, everything eli, to one of the blogs that my Flickr site can post directly into. Yes. So from now on, if you see a blog post, talking about a particular photo, that picture is from Flickr and that post is directly made inside the Flickr page! Cool isn’t it?! Anyway, this picture was take after my brother’s wedding last December...

Sean is Doing Good

Magaling na si Sean and he’s doing good.. Still serious but he is all well.. Thank you God. Yesterday he’s all fever-free… When the afternoon came I was afraid that he will get sick again.. fortunately he’s didn’t… And now he’s doing great. I’m working from home today and will be going there in a minute.. i love working at home, no commute, no pollution and I get to...


Poor choice of post title. I can’t think of one. I just want to mention and do a quick post tonight that the LG HDTV (47LG50) has been packed, retaped (after including a few clothes and the rockstar stand) and ready to be pickup tomorrow and be shipped out to the Philippines by October 5. Bought duck tape and scotch tape for resealement. According to UMAC, the forwarder/shipping company, it will...

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