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Google Hates Kara Monaco

I posted something about Sasha Grey before and there was no relavant Google ads appeared. Last night I created a post about Kara Monaco (the 2005 Playboy Playmate) and just like Ms. Grey, no ads appeared. Google hates sexy dudets! I was searching for Kara from Krypton and so I got to Kara monaco (‘Kara’ btw is Laura V.) I created post of both Sasha Grey and Kara Monaco on Hot and Gorgeous and both did...

Stephen King’s The Stand Graphical Novel

Here’s my latest addition to my Stephen King collections… The first episode or first part of Marvel Comic’s graphical novel of The Stand, a Stephen King story/novel. I bought this at Comic Books Golden Age Collectables (852 Granville St. Vancouver Canada). A little orangy.. Took the shot after unpacking my Playstation 3. This will be added to my Dark Tower comics collection as well as my redtube...

Make Than Brain Active

Good morning! (9:30PM in MNLA). Yes, I manage to finish the script that I was doing last night with “flight of the bumblebee” background. I will email the whole team regarding it and they may probably want to use it to make the job of creating user accounts easier. It pooped me out by the way. Drained my body strenght as well as my brain power heheh, I many need to buy Phentermine online here in...

Third Week, or 3 Weeks

I’m not doing this because of boredom anymore.. why? because it’s late, 11pm and it’s a Sunday and there is work tomorrow, I should be sleeping but here I am doing this Google Adsense Earning thing. So this is not because of boredom.. But I’ll only be doing this this September.. so if you want to follow my Adsense Earning… keep coming back here or get my feed. :D Here it is my third...

Sunday, Downtown Vancouver

Spent the whole afternoon in Vancouver today. Marito, one of the Unix guys at the office, drove us around Vancouver downtown, Stanley Park and Deer Park Lake, which is in Burnaby, btw. :) Great great day! Thanks a lot Marito! Will post some pics soon!.. in the mean time i’m composing my 3rd week September Adsense Earnings.

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