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Second Week Adsense Earnings

It’s time for the Google adsense earnings post again! Why? Because it’s Sunday? Why? Because I want to! Why? Because I remembered and because there’s not much to do in a homestay home… No more questions. Remember my first week adsense earning? Yeah, it’s a little over $80.. well, better check out this week’s moolah! Performance was better, I actually got the $1/hour thing!...

First Week Adsense Earnings

I’m thinking of posting my weekly Google Adsense earnings starting now, today, September 7 2008. Why am I doing this? Pure boredom. It’s my first weekend here in Burnaby, Canada. Yesterday, Saturday we went to the Metrotown (local mall here) but now it’s a lazy Sunday, nothing to do (next week I’ll do my laundry). And because I have nothing to write! hehehe Anyway, this is not new. I once...

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