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SM Fairview Video Matt and Sean

Check out this video of Sean Matthew in SM Fairview… Good times.

Lifestyle and Diets to Avoid Eyebugs

Here are some tips to avoid eyebugs.. basically it to change you lifestyle and be mindful of your diet.. * Avoid stress and get yourself relaxed, especially when you are in menstrual discomfort. * Drink a lot of water. Warm water is preferred. * Avoid ice cold drinks. * Avoid carbonated drinks. * Avoid alcohol and caffeine (stimulants). * Add friuts like raisins, coconuts,papaya and sweet juicy fruits to your diet....

Norzagaray Town Fiesta 2009 – Video

Here’s me, matt, wifey and sean… on our way to the perya.. It’s Norzagaray Town Fiesta 2009!.. Again here is me wearing my very shinny and dandy tuxedo vest. My wife with her, silk gown. Matt and Sean with their barong. You don’t believe me? Check out the video below..

Angat Bulacan Digitel Office

Are you looking for for the Digitel Office in the Angat Bulacan. I know you are, if you are not then you wouldn’t be searching for the term “Digitel Telecoms Office Angat Bulacan”. Anyway, the Digitel office is right behind the Municipal Hall of Angat Bulacan.. And where’s the Municipal Building of Angat Bulacan, its in the heart of the town.. beside the church and infront of Angat Public...

Blogging Business.. It Could Get Better

It’s December already.. This month my work schedule is in the morning.. All-Proxy was also down for, I don’t know how many days.. I received an email from TMZHosting that their servers went kaboom. Also this December I sent payment to my first 2 bloggers that has been blogging about entertainment and stuff.. I say that this blogging business is not at all a bad idea but it could get better.. yes, i...

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