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Matt at Jeng and Hart Wedding

December 26 is the wedding day of Jennifer and Hart. Jennifer or Jeng, is my first cousin. She’s the daughter, first daughter of my moms sister… is that right? :) Anyway, Matt is one of the kid entourage and he’s the one with the rosary. Lois, wifey is the one who proxied for mom and I proxied for someone else too. Emmo also participated in the wedding, he’s the official bridal car. Now they...

Merry Christmas 2009!

Merry Christmas everyone! Don’t forget to count your blessings! Be good, lots more are coming for you in 2010!

Let’s not waste anyone’s time or money

Let’s not waste anyone’s time or money… Recently, Time magazine wrote an article about a non-profit online university which has a mission just like that, ‘not wasting time and money’ in getting a professional degree. Time magazine was referring to the online university that the 19 Governors organized, a virtual university offering online degree programs. The online university is called...

Happy 4rth Anniversary Ney!

Happy anniversary to my lovely wife, Lois… Yesterday, December 17, 2009 is our 4rth wedding anniversary. Thanks very much for putting up to me for times that I am unbearable… for times that I was stupid.. and times that I was lost. Happy Anniversary! Loveyou!

Solignum, White Ants Killer

White ants as we all know are commonly known as termites.. it is completely different from blackants. Anyway, today I applied a liter of Solignum in the truces of our 3rd floor room. Solignum by the way is a very popular wood protector here in the Philippines. If you ever will use solignum take remember that you must take extra precautions and be very careful in handling such chemicals. It smells like rugby! Not...

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