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Medicard, The Next Health Card

I’m saying goodbye to my old health card, intellicare, and hello to the new one… Medicard. I haven’t got my card yet but I feel that there are many good things in store for me in that card. First, Nazarenus (and hopefully) St. Michael are accredited hospitals. This time, I will be applying my wife and two sons for supplement cards. This will entitle them to the same priviledge as I have, i.e....

First Work Week

I am heading out to work in a couple of hours. This is my ‘first day’ of work for 2010.. my official first week… and last week. My last day of work is on January 14, 2009. I will be going to the office this week to finalize and clean up my act. I will also be preparing for the clearances and all.

Used Car Philippines

Dear friend, Congrats in finding this website! It does not matter if you are selling your car or if you are planning to buy your first car, I know a website that can give you all the information you need! –> https://UsedCar-Philippines.Info Check it out! Click Here. — old post: I am thinking of concentrating all my SEO efforts on 3 of my blogs. Currently I have tons of them but I am not doing anything...

Congrats to My Sis’s Blog

Just a quick blog post on my sister’s blog.. it just got accepted to make money online using her blog post. But of course, I told her that she can start earning couple of dollars already but she did not show any interests.. So for know, it’s me who’s ‘harvesting’ the earnings of her blog.. for now.

Insurance Pending Bills

It’s end of the year again. For me, end of the year means bills. Insurance bills, specifically term life insurance rates updates and bills payment. My life insurance at Sunlife is already paid. The next one I am preparing for is the coco plans that is due by the end of January. Coco plans insurance is the educational plan i got for Matt. For sean I haven’t got him one yet. I’m planning to get him...

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