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Let’s not waste anyone’s time or money

Let’s not waste anyone’s time or money…

Recently, Time magazine wrote an article about a non-profit online university which has a mission just like that, ‘not wasting time and money’ in getting a professional degree.

Time magazine was referring to the online university that the 19 Governors organized, a virtual university offering
online degree programs. The online university is called Western Governors University.

The Western Governors University is a non-profit online university offering you a convenient, flexible education online. WGU offers nationally and regionally accredited online bachelor’s and master’s degrees specifically designed for working adults.

WGU, like mentioned above is focused or primary if for the working adults since it would be difficult for them to find time and schedule a classroom based college education.  That is the one big advantage of online education, it offers flexibility of schedules.

Since WGU is a non-profit university, the costs for a quality education is very affordable. Here are some facts about WGU in terms of affordability.

  • Tuition at WGU is a flat rate every 6 months, not per-credit. Tuition is about $3,000 per term — $2,890 per term for most programs, $3,250 for Nursing and MBA.
  • Because WGU is non-profit, tuition is about half what other reputable online schools charge.
  • WGU also offers hundreds of partial scholarships every year through several specialized scholarship programs.

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