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Lifestyle and Diets to Avoid Eyebugs

Here are some tips to avoid eyebugs.. basically it to change you lifestyle and be mindful of your diet..

* Avoid stress and get yourself relaxed, especially when you are in menstrual discomfort.
* Drink a lot of water. Warm water is preferred.
* Avoid ice cold drinks.
* Avoid carbonated drinks.
* Avoid alcohol and caffeine (stimulants).
* Add friuts like raisins, coconuts,papaya and sweet juicy fruits to your diet.
* Take less amount of sugar.
* Avoid fried foods.
* Avoid drinking fluids before bed.
* Use natural beauty products
* Stop smoking.
* Take plenty of good sleep.
* Give your eyes a warm massage with a washcloth, dipped in warm water, over your eyes for 5 minutes .
* Always Smile.

And of course if you already have eyebugs.. you can use under eye creams to hide em out.

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