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nope folks, im not on a plane right now… as of the moment i am sitting comfortably at my office chair, in front of my office table.. not doing work but telling the work about Smallville EPisode 16 – Turbulence.. telling the people

So, without delay,

Watch Smallville Turbulence Online Streaming Video

you won’t regret it… Lois is sooo sexy! :D but his episode is not about Lois lane, it Tess Marcel.. heck, that ‘s ok

and after that.. taht same night..

This is of course done and this is just an update of the things that happened on that very sweet and exciting episode=s..

Watch Supernatural Episode 16 On The Head of a Pin Online

Turbulence is a disappointment.. i didn’t even know that it was over… Tess is the new lext, zero radius sinks! Or both of the stinks is what i mean to say..

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