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Computer PC – CarPC

I have been talking about installing a carputer, a carpc or a computer pc on my car for some time now.. I’ve been mentioning it to some of my blogs and surprisingly, I haven’t mention about it here yet.

Well, I am writing about it now. As you know, I bought my first car using money from blogging. Also, my brother has setup his carpc on his mistubishi few months back. I wanted the same thing on my Mazda, hence I will be putting one on it… with a little help from him

Anyway, the carPC will function just like a computer (yeah, but it’s inside a car). It will play DVD, mp3, surf the internet, navigate around with GPS, able to read memory cards, ipods and other external media.

This is going to be great! If you want to get updated with my CarPC project, visit my CarpC Blog.. I will be documenting stuff in there real soon!

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