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Avilon Zoo That Never Was

I’m not sure if i’ve mentioned on this blog that we were suppose to go to Avilon Zoo last Sunday.. If not I definitely mentioned it here.

Anyway, the Avilon zoo adventure that we’re suppose to have last Sunday did not push through. It was raining so hard that when we got to Fairview Quezon City, we decided to go the the mall instead (bought the E-heads reunion concert CD,btw) right after our big lunch at chowking

Anyway again, that adventure would have been so great with the Nikon binoculars and all.. we would definitely had a good time watching animals make an animals of themselves. :)

ANyway, that will be rescheduled so no worries.

About the Eraserheads Reunion COncert CD, there will be a separate post for that.

THanks for reading! :)

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