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Burnaby Mountain Park

Got home late today… This aint no ephedra pills post or some other health calculator, how to make babby post…

This is about us going to Burnaby Mountain Park. There were pictures but Mike and Jon has it. Will post those once I received a copy.

The Mountain was located in Burnaby (duh) and I really can’t recall the place but it’s not that far and it fact it near along Willingdon highway which is perpendicular to Burke St where we live. Well, at least near there.

After the pictures and all, we went down and had dinner in Pizza hut. We (jon, me and Ruel) pitched in for the food and went home…

Arrived home quater to 9pm… I missed Smallville! Darn it! Good thing Supernatural starts at 9pm… Dean screams like a girl… :D

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