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Things Learned in Blogging

One of great benefits of blogging are the trivias you learned as you go and blog everyday with different topics each time.

Take me for example, I’ve been blogging random things and knowing the story behind those topics. I only noticed it just now that every time I blog a topic I learned something about it.

Take history for example, before I never knew the story of Juno Beach or the Battle of Passchendaele. Now? Although I’m not the authoritative about the topic, but I do know something about them now. Great huh? I can probably use it in Jeopardy :)

FCUK! again for example, if I didn’t got that misspelled I would not know about it too.. there are others things too…. like in music.. now I know Nessun Dorma and Flight of the Bumblebee great huh? :D, Nessun Dorma btw is in Italiank, online translator you can use to translate in english.

oh yeah, you earn moeny too!

With all those reason, here’s the big idea! Blogging is a home based business! Yes it is! It even beats my work salary! Gesh!

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