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Chocolate for the Kids, Soaps for the Titas

After office, we went out again. The original plan was to get and buy that digital camera (or a laptop) that my brother wants, a Sony DSCW300 (no codek requirements). But unfortunately, they were out of stock. Tried looking also for it on BestBuy (we were in Futureshop btw) but the same, nothing.

NCIX was our next destination. Jon apparently wanted to buy that audio/video stereo thingy that Mike and Ever bought, but jon didn’t. Go figures… Ruel did not join us, no utube video there.

We ate at KFC, Wraps something. Then London Drugs.. Yes London Drugs on Canada. :D Didn’t get it. :)

Bought tons of chocolate with various shapes and sizes. Bought soaps and lotions too. :)

That’s probably the last batch of pasalubong that I’m going to buy… except for the digital camera at least.

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