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Poor choice of post title. I can’t think of one. I just want to mention and do a quick post tonight that the LG HDTV (47LG50) has been packed, retaped (after including a few clothes and the rockstar stand) and ready to be pickup tomorrow and be shipped out to the Philippines by October 5. Bought duck tape and scotch tape for resealement.

According to UMAC, the forwarder/shipping company, it will approxiamately take 30 days to arrive.

Total cost for me for this whole transaction and stuff was CND $2000, and that’s a lot of money! That amount includes the HDTV itself, some addidas apparel, the tax and custom charges, travel insurance and of course the shipping fee.

And now, I’m bankrupt! :D, I need to do some diet pill reviews again to get myself extra dough.
If we are to convert it, it’s around Php90K right, pwede. But the price of that particular TV sa Philippines is more than Php120K.. that still saves a few thousands of pesos

This HDTV can also be used as a computer monitor. Hence that stuff you do on your computer can be displayed here multiple times bigger. You can watch utube vidoes, dowload mp3 streaming, watch redtube or xhamster (NO) and other stuffs.

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