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Third Saturday At Vancouver

I kept on saying Vancouver when in fact it’s Burnaby, a suburb of Vancouver. I’m a homestay visitors here in Burnaby living with a very pleasant and kind family.

This is my third Saturday here. This time it’s a rainy one. We didn’t go anywhere today. We just stayed at home and… do stuff. I watched TV, movie (Never Been Kissed), read about insurance claiming, blogged about Online Translator (why? some folks here speaks french and spanish). And basically it. It’s one boring raining Saturday. Oh yeah, I just found out that Smallville (and Supernatural) are filmed or shot here.

That’s all I did.. oh yeah, one more thing… Yuoporn.

Wrote this post super fast, with “The Flight of the Bumblebee” background music playing, *wink*

Oh yeah, yesterday too, I was able to setup my webcam and yesterday too my Matthew and Sean (and my wife and mom) saw me on webcam.

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