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Second Week Adsense Earnings

It’s time for the Google adsense earnings post again! Why? Because it’s Sunday? Why? Because I want to! Why? Because I remembered and because there’s not much to do in a homestay home… No more questions.

Remember my first week adsense earning? Yeah, it’s a little over $80.. well, better check out this week’s moolah! Performance was better, I actually got the $1/hour thing! Sometimes it’s over that! Why? well, I have had a few more than $24 see? It’s $28, it’s $27.. something like that.

Alright enough mouth watering, suspence filled introduction, check out this week’s earning! So far, it’s on the track:

google adsense earning

BTW, as I am writing this, it’s September 14, 2008 SUNDAY, 15:15…. Vancouver, Canada Time… (yeah, Monday morning sa ‘Pinas). Nice earning huh? With these amount of money I can docruises as many times as I like. :)

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