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Presenting 12seconds.tv | 12 Seconds TV

Got and email from a ‘developer’ (of 12seconds.tv) today! The other day, I sent them my email address so they can, hopefully, include of their beta testers of 12seconds.tv – a twitter-like site that lets you upload a 12 seconds clip of yourself (or whatever you want).

So, what is 12seconds.tv?

Here’s what the people at 12seconds.tv says…

12seconds.tv is a new way to stay in touch with your friends by using
your cell phone or computer to record 12 second long video updates.
Share a thought while in line at a store, tell a funny story from your
desk, or show the grandparents the baby’s latest cuteness. Why 12
seconds? Because anything longer is boring.

Yeah, nice idea, more than 12 seconds is boring… I have not created my first 12 seconds clip yet, but if you want to add me (if you have one) please do. My channel/address is:


Let’s start our 12 seconds thing!

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