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I’m Sick

This is what I’m afraid of.. Being in  a far far away foreign land, knowing noone and you get sick.

Well, that is what I am right now, I am Sick with cold and fever.

Though I am sick I managed to come to office today feeling cold and with a 2-ton head on top of my neck. I remember the story where Thomas got sick and he was sent home by the people there… Apparently they are afraid to get sick in there. So what thomas did was he worked from home…

Unfortunately that is not applicable to me.. Still have no VPN client installed on my laptop so I can’t work at home.

Imagine if I didn’t go to  office today, I definitely missed this day’s lesson – ROOT PASSWORDS and USER CREATION! The good stuff.

Alright, I’m taking medz no and hope that tomorrow I’m a better me. Hopefully.

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