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First Week Adsense Earnings

I’m thinking of posting my weekly Google Adsense earnings starting now, today, September 7 2008.

Why am I doing this? Pure boredom. It’s my first weekend here in Burnaby, Canada. Yesterday, Saturday we went to the Metrotown (local mall here) but now it’s a lazy Sunday, nothing to do (next week I’ll do my laundry). And because I have nothing to write! hehehe

Anyway, this is not new. I once did this a couple of times already.

Ok, so here’s my earnings on the first week of September 2008.. not much but it will do.

google adsense earning

Not bad for someone who know little about blogging… You should see my super-old-and-archived posts, most of them are paid post.. hehehe

How long will I keep up this weekly adsense earning posting, you may ask? I dunno. It may be this week only or for a month or a few months, I dunno… Just want to mention that as a disclaimer.

I was going to quotes my CTR and other, but that’s BAWAL.

(Believe me when I say that this is not that much, my one week earning is just a day for the ‘blog masters’ – you know who you are… and my brother too! : )

2 Responses to “First Week Adsense Earnings”

  1. Bago sa blogging?

    OOpppsss di yata :)

  2. Eli says:

    hehehe, yaan mo na Dex.. :D

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