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Blog of the Day?!

Hey, what do you know.. after not being active anymore on this website, they decided to make this blog, one of their Blog of the Day for August 21, 2008!

This could have been much sweeter if I’m still earning from them, which I’m not. I am pretty happy with payu2blog though. They have been really really nice.. They already paid me a couple hundred dollars for some assignments that are not so hard to talk about.

So this blog of the day stuff from fififi aint worth much for me… I did get featured to wordpress.com for being the ‘blog of the day’ twice already… that’s better.

I just hope that WordPress allows its blogger to put in adverts… to earn a little extra so I can buy that Samsung LCD TV and a set of kitchen faucets for the missus. :)

Oh well, thanks pa rin

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  1. malaya says:

    I saw that in payperpost. sa kin, since bumagsak PR rank ko, nawala rin ang offers.
    Na-ban pa nga ako sa blogsvertise, multiple account daw, e isa lang naman account ko. ang labo, hindi na ko nabayaran dun. tsk,tsk

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