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Not many people knows this, but I’ve been doing some blogging about movies, music and money on WordPress for some time now, a little over a year (14 months to be exact).

Since I love movies, making a blog about the movies I’ve seen is really a great idea! Plus that time, I planned of using it on some paid website.. then I found out that WordPress.com doesn’t not allow such things.

But still I continued making post and talking about the movies that I saw.. and before I know it, it’s more than a year old! How time flies! geezh!

Anyway, on that blog I made a post about a move called “What Happens in Vegas” starring Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher. Also mention there that if you’re doing Las Vegas travelling, you’ll see on that movie what you’ll find.

Yun lang.. :D thanks for reading!
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