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Increase in Salary, Increase in Expenses

It’s has always like so… You get a job to support your family.. You’re happy with what you do, satisfy with what you have. Then suddenly you get bored. You hear things from your colleagues but nothing is being done (by them to initiate).

Anyway, loosing my point here… Although this is $5 post, just want to mention that we never do get satisfied with what we have. It’s always never enough… We always look on the other side of the fence and what do we see? Yep, greener stuff.. (goo).

Here’s my explanation of the ‘never enough’ theory.. You get a higher salary but you always find something extra to buy once you have something extra to spend. Not much of a theory but that’s about it.

What do we need? A budgeting software that will help us managed and planned the family’s monthly expenses.

3 Responses to “Increase in Salary, Increase in Expenses”

  1. thet says:

    totally agree..way back 2003, ang saya-saya ko na sa 18k na salary…ngayon, ahhmmmm…. sinasabi ko lang due to oil price hike and inflation pero ang totoo, more money, more WANTS tyalaga.

  2. Sexy Mom says:

    it will be a never ending cycle. in a large family like mine i have never relied on a budget–it never worked! lol

  3. Sarah says:

    Yeah it’s always like that! hahaha! nice bumping into your site. I just found it at payperpost… blog of the day! Congratulations! :-)

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