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Thinking Like A Businessman

It’s no secret (now) that I’ll be flying to Canada in a few weeks time for some ‘knowledge training’ for the new work. The whole thing will all be UNIX related.

For those who are subscribe to this blog (and been painstakingly reading every post here) I am very thankful! But this blog is DEAD… yes dead… I am down on my knees to please subscribe and follow me on my other blog… right now, that is where “Everything Eli” is happening.. where is it? it’s at elizarpalad.com!

It’s no secret too that I am pretty excited about the trip. Part of the excitement is that I’ll be meeting new people and will be seeing new places I’ve never been before… Of course I’m also looking forward for all thos moolah I’ll be bring home when I get back.

That’s why as early as now, I’m thinking of buying stuff related to business like office furniture, or office supplies, equipment and other business related stuff.

I do plan to put up a small business after this trip. What business? Well, music comes to mind but I’m open for anything as long as it’s feasible.

Doing business and doing blogging at the same time and journaling everything on utube while is not a bad idea… ayt? That’s not what my horoscop‘s been telling me but hey, I don’t believe in those stuff anyway. :)

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