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Great WordPress Theme For “Blog Assignments”

Third post in less than 20 minutes of blogging… now that’s what I called Panic BLogging!! It’s pretty obvious that I am doing ‘blog assignments’ but I also would like to point that I am also sending out this kind of messages to my subscribers.. Please please.. follow me at ElizarPalad.com for more precise “Everything Eli” topics…

Good thing about this blog is that If I don’t categorize a blog post in “Everything Eli” category, it will not show up in my front page… but it will on your RSS readers, sorry. But that’s a price I have to pay for doing this.

And what is THIS? I’ll be talking about https://www.misikko.com/fachiceflir.html, .. or not.

Looking at the words you can probably click or copy the URL itself and visit the page for you to personally check out what that link is all about.

God ahead… try it.

Also “THIS” is all about “chi flat iron”… What?

What is “chi flat iron”?

Chi Flat Iron is what we call Filipinos as “Plantsa ng BUhok”.. I know since I check the URL myself and by looking at the picture, I instantly know what it is… coz My Wife has one and my sister has one.. heck even our house maid has one! It’s part of the Filipino morning routine!

This cool device, whoever invented this will make your hair really smooth looking and straight! I know… coz I saw it. Whenever we go to the mall or to some special occasion.. heck even not so special… my lady house mates always wear lovely hairs because of this “chi flat irons”

Do you have one? I know you do.

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