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Aquarium and Fishes… Dyesebel? Marian Rivera? Angel Locsin?

Here’s another one of those ‘special post’… If you want to see a more “everything eli-sh” blog post, head on over to elizarpalad.com! I’m there waiting for you guys!

As you can see, Everything-Eli.com is not dead… It’s very much alive and is earning 15 dollars a post! harharhar!

This time I’ll be showing you another URL that you may or may not visit… Heck, it’s a free country.. You can do whatever you want!

Here it is:


Curious? Check it out then! Let me give you a clue.. it’s all about Aquarium! Yes, aquiarium.. not about Yutube or Utube, not about Marian Rivera (dyesebel? Hmm.. pwede) and certainly not about Angel Locsin!

Anyways, Aquarium Guys dot com is all about aquarium.. It’s an aquarium stores.. this is definitely handy for those who have one. We for example have an unused aquarium sitting and collecting dust on our verenda.. We could use this site to purchase some things that will revive that old geezer.

We used to have a fish pet.. an Arowana and some other small fishes (yes arowana’s food, harhar).. but since it jumped over the aquarium (yes it died) we never had another one just like it.. *sad*

So if you’re thinking of having a pet fish (not dyesebel ayt?) head on over to that site!

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