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Dreaming of a Dream House

This is what I mean, when I said that I’ll be keeping this old piece of blog of mine… Sharing stuff and getting some cents in return.

Having a home to call your own is a dream of every couple, very husband and wife, everyone actually. This is true, including to me and my wife. Like for example, we’ve been fancying to have a nice looking house somewhere near to our location now.

We want (well I want) a large garage even if we never have a car. I want a lawn, a dog and probably a cat for the mice and mouse.

Metal roofing is the way to go… I don’t want the conventional roof with wood and all… I think those will only last a couple of decades compared to metal roofing.

I ‘ll post a link here where we saw some sample houses here in the Philippines.

That’s it for now… Catch my update, my more personal updates on my Father and Son blog, or at my ‘official name’ blog here.

Want some videos? How about Utube? Pwede din!

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