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The Trend of Resigning Employees

I never thought that there is a pattern of behavior in corporate slave staff or just any other employee.. Looks like we all think alike in some way or another.

I found out about this when I read the post over at jehzlau-concepts (yes, the man behind that famous blog quit his job in favor of being a freelance).

You want proof? Look at the search trends for “Resignation Letters”

As you can see, same old trend from the past 4 years!

As you can see (ulit) the peak of the graph… June!!!! Hmmm.. time to search for that perfect Resignation Letter huh ?


update: Done. On with the new adventure.. now it’s time to meet mortgage lenders who can help me! :D

2 Responses to “The Trend of Resigning Employees”

  1. Sexy Mom says:

    omg! don’t tell me this is also true for home-based jobs! time to brace myself up for anything like this, as we are only in our first year.

  2. snoob web designer says:

    And they say na kulang daw jobs sa pinas. Sila na nga yung nagreresign. Isn’t that funny?

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