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Banned In Google, Banned In Digg

How to get a URL to be unbanned in Digg.

I’ve been ranting and complaining about my everything-eli being banned in Google (or at least dropped its PR to 0)… I got over it in a way.

But I got another thing to rant about. My Wrong spelling blog/URL, I think just got banned from Digg. I can no longer submit any post from that blog. Apparently, the users of Digg, buried my blog so no one will be able to submit any URL from that blog.

So, how do you get yourself unbanned from Digg?

I’m sorry, but this post is not a solution to that question. I’m actually asking for help to those whoever stumble to this blog. Any tips?

Help? You could try and submit any URL from my Wrong Spelling Blog and see if Digg will allow the submission.

When I try it, I alway get a:

This link does not appear to be a working link. Please check the URL and try again.

I was wondering if another account could submit a URL from my blog.

Anyway, I just hope Digg reconsiders… I’ll correct all my wrong spelling blog if they do. :)

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  1. Elizar says:


    i submitted flag day post, mukang tinanggap naman.. lets see.. hmm.. so di pala ban un.

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