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Hoy!! Pinoy Ako!!

Hoy! Pinoy Ako! Buo aking loob! May agimat ang dugo ko!! Boy you should hear me sing that song! All my veins are popping out!

Anyway, that’s one of Bamboo’s hits and I am sure every pinoy (filipino) knows that song.

But we’re not here to talk about music (for now). Let’s blog and  ‘pinoy’ is the word for tonight!

Have you tried Googling the word ‘pinoy’? No? Well, to save you time, there is 9 million (a few thousand more) websites according to Googel!

And checking Google Trends, looks like people really do want to know something about ‘Pinoy’ (the red one is for Qoutes… and both words are being searched by pinoy themselves! would you believe that?!):

pinoy versus qoutes

If you’re going to optimize ‘pinoy’ word for your blog, you have 9 million websites to beat! Good luck to that! :D Let’s bring it on!

Well, this is not a an overnight project… This may take a while, so it’s probably ok.

Anyway, I checked Pinoybanda.com’s rank on Googel, and it’s on page 5 with Pinoyblogosphere, Pinoy Travel Blog, Pinoy Big Brother, Pinoyblogero and others.

Most of them are blogs huh? And with the current exposure of blogs on TV, those who search for ‘pinoy’ will probably check out these sites.. but of course, they’ll probably check on Pinoy Banda too! *wink*

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