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Can’t Get Enough of Social Network Sites?

Well, here’s another new Social Network just for you who doesn’t want to have a sales career, 3GB Community!

Compared to Myspace (and some others) the interface for 3GB is way way cleaner and prettier. It’s sort of like facebook meets Virb kind of Social Network site.

Since the interface is clean and friendly on the eyes, users will find themselves spending hours and hours creating profiles and linking to old friends and meeting new ones. Aside from meeting friends, 3gb communities lets you upload photos and photo albums, create blogs, chat with friends and other 3GB members and listen to mp3s all in one location!

3GB Community is fairly new, so creating an account now will make you one of the first 1000 (make that first 700 users)! That mean you’ll make tons of friends and create a super large network of friends.

As of this writing, network stats shows:

• Members: 624 members
• Albums: 79 albums
• Photos: 735 photos
• Friendships: 2056 friends
• Groups: 35 groups
• Blog Entries: 49 entries
• Comments: 215 comments

See, the numbers are still smal enough to know everybody and small enough to meet new comers! Try it now and be the pioneer of 3GB!

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