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$100 in 20 Days! That’s A Record!

Please pardon me if I could not hide my excitement and just blurted it all out here on this post…

I just reached $100 in 20 days! That’s a record for me! Eli! I guess I’m really be getting my first ever Google Adsense payment next month! Hurray!!!

april adsense earning

I still have 10 more days for April!!! And that is swell coz I still need to earn $20 to make my earnings an even $***.**!!!

Last Month (March), well, the second week of March, when I really started giving time to do the SEO thing, I got $60!! That’s $60 in.. say 17 days!! I am loving this SEO… and the our brothers who does not speak (nor write) English that well.. Wrong Spelling!

I know that’s not a lot for those big time bloggers and SEO pro/addicts, but for me who never had a Googel cheque, this is super exciting!

And like Mr. Armstrong said.. and I don’t want to quote him, I am bad at qoutes… It’s a small step in giants.. or something.. small step, giant leap something.. :D

With that $100, i can have an extra laptop memory!

Well, I love this leap!

7 Responses to “$100 in 20 Days! That’s A Record!”

  1. derek says:

    congrats! inuman na hahaha. joke

  2. Dark Laurel says:

    sir ininbitahan kita sa paligsahan sa SEO and I found you sa macuha contest and baka interested ka

    please ym me here : ronaldallan.mojica

    sorry i dont know where to contact you kaya dito na lang.. you can delete dis message if you want after you read it

  3. Allen says:

    Wow! Ako this month $44 lang. huhuhu congrats mr eli. Keep it up!

  4. Elizar says:

    @derek Thanks! Inuman na nga! hehhee, as now this writing $148!! ayus!

  5. Elizar says:

    @Allen, thanks din! oki na rin yan ha.. not all bloggers daw (i read somewhere) earns that much on adsense! ok lang un! Keep on optimizing your keywords lang talaga

  6. joy says:

    galing mo talaga papa eli!

  7. palaboy says:

    $100 in 20 days… that’s really something… i only made $10 now… hahahaha… anyway… kelan kaya ako aabot ng ganun kalaki?

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