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Know Your Keyword Position on SERP

How would you know the position of the keywords your optimizing on Google or Yahoo (or MSN or Live)? Do you manually search for it and look for your blog post on each and every page… say till you reach the 10th page and decided to stop and that your post is nowhere to be found in the search engine’s SERP?

To tell you with all honesty, I do.. or did that till Allen of Silkenhut post a tip (a site) where you put in your keyword and the domain and it will search your position for you! Big help! (I am such a lousy searcher… too lazy to find things that would easy my blog life. )

Then I found out about this firefox extension that SEO Book’s Aaron Wall developed. Great great help! The firefox plugin is called Rank Checker.

It’s very easy to use. Just like any other tool you used before, Rank Checker can search up to 20 keywords (in one domain or several domain) at a time!

You can save results for future reference. You create several profile.. So, in case you have several blogs, you can create one for each, where each profile/domain can have 20 keywords.

Try it now! :D hehehe,

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  1. Stu says:

    Hi Elizar,

    There are plenty of free tools online which will do this for you as well, without the need to install a browser plugin.



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