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The Beatles Complete Songbook

Since I’ve been sharing some Beatles information and some Beatles resources, news and Beatles lyrics, thought I’d share this great find I stumble upon a while ago.

I already have a copy of this on a PDF file… some nice soul who knows I’m very much into The Beatles gave it to me and now I found out that there’s a copy of it online..

The Beatles complete songbook can be viewed online here. It contains most of The Beatles released songs with guiter chords and lyrics. I’m sure this will be a valuable reference for those who play the guitar and is a very big Beatles fan like myself.

Oh Btw, check out Everything-beatles.com. There’s 2 of The Beatles songs lyrics for auction.. well 1 Beatle, 1 John Lennon.. either way both are written by Lennon and McCartney’s very own pens!

Check it out here… Enjoy!

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