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My Project Wonderful

I just signed up for Project Wonderful even though I know that I will earn millions from it, or even a couple of dollars.. naahh, very unlikely.

But still, why not eh? Yep, I just signed up right about now and put up the code on PinoyBanda.com and hopefully someone with a blog about bands and music or celebrity will stumble upon the site and bid for a couple of cents.

Of course I would be very grateful if they do put up their ads over there. Why? Because most of my readers on that blogs are teenagers, high school and college students who digs local filipino bands like Chicosci, Sandwich, Itchyworms, Sponge Cola and others. Most of them are girls (there are some boys too).

I love to assume that few visitors are also professionals who likes to wind down after a long days of work and wants to see Imago for example. The then goes to Google and search for Imago’s gig schedule… and what site did he got the info? Pinoy banda dot com!

So dudes, if you know of someone who knows someone who knows someone that would be interested in advertising on Pinoybanda, go get them! :) Im sure, they will have new visitors (mostly teenage girls who DOESN’T KNOW ABOUT ADsense and who are not Adsense blind)!

I need extra bucks to buy me some baby gifts


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