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Eli’s into SEO: Marian Rivera vs. Angel Locsin

For those of you who visits me here, you can also follow me at elizar.palad.info where most of my post there are (hopefully) goldmine keywords and that’s also the place where I do the SEO challenge.. my opponent? Myself.

This 3 month old blog was suppose to be used to optimize the “Beatles Lyrics” keywords but I find it very difficult with all those competition and thousands of websites dedicated to The Beatles made it even more harder.

I’ve been optimizing the following keywords for a month now:

  • Marian Rivera
  • Angel Locsin
  • Yutube

And I am happy to say that all of them are doing pretty good! And most of my traffic then was from these keywords. This was the time before we did the ‘Googel’ keyword, which was only started last week. Now most visitors arrived in that post.

Here’s the search trend for the two young, hot, sexy actress:

As you can see, people (which I guess most if not all are Filipinos) has been searching information for “Angel Locsin” since early 2005. That’s before Darna ain’t it?

Marian’s fame in the search engine only started mid-2007. I’m guessing that’s when Marimar started airing?

Anyway, with dyesebel coming, I’m sure people will continue searching for “Marian Rivera” so I guess everyone who’s into SEO should start optimizing it now huh?

Alright, happy optimizing! And btw, if you ever find yourself on page 1 for “angel locsin”, pa-link naman.. I’m stuck at page 2.. ayaw tumaas.. :) Unlike Marian, where I’ve been page 1 for a couple of days now. :)

Let the game begin!

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  1. ami says:

    i tagged you :)

  2. honney says:

    wow. you’re getting too technical na ha. LOL. btw, anong plugin ba yang favicon mo? gusto ko rin nyan e. wait ko reply mo ha! tc!

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