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‘Googel’ Why Did I Gave It Away?

Why did I gave it away? The ‘Googel‘ keyword, that is. That’s the question I asked myself after reading Karlo’s Googel post. He really do have a point there. Why would I want to share it and let everyone knows about it than just keep it to myself?

Here’s why…

Like I said a zillion time before, I’m quite new in this thing they are calling SEO. The first time I was ever exposed to it was when I joined the ‘Marhgil Macuha‘ contest (which I won the Yahoo part btw)… I learned a couple of things then, specially those shared by other joiners.

I also met learned about the blogs of other SEO fanatics (subscribed to their blogs of course) which I then applied when I joined Pinoy Money Talk’s SEO contest (which I almost bagged the prize, my Pinoy Banda entry slipped in the last minute or so… Darn! :)

I really never looked at it like it’s a competition or we have to beat anyone to win. It’s like any other game/sports, let’s do it for the fun of it. If I didn’t tell anybody, where’s the fun in that? There’s no thrill to get to the first page. It’s better and a little challenging and will motivate you if you know that you’re not the only one who’s trying to conquer Googel.

So why share it?

  • Discovered new blogs (yeah, sorry I don’t blog hop or drop comments etc etc.)
  • Learned SEO techniques (if the joiners will share them)
  • For the fun of it

And hey, since we’re doing Googel.. Why not do Yahhoo too, right? See sa first page! :D

6 Responses to “‘Googel’ Why Did I Gave It Away?”

  1. marhgil says:

    tama ka. mas marami, mas masaya. tayo-tayo rin naman magkikita kita sa finals, i mean sa first page. hahaha.

  2. Hindi… talagang mabait ka lang talaga. hehe.

  3. Elizar says:

    @ marhgil, tama ka dun! nakita na kita.. :)
    @ karlo,hehehe, thanks… sige na nga.. :)

  4. tsk tsk tsk.. dapat di mo sinabi solo mo sana ang traffic.. toink! hahaha! thanks :D yiheeeeeeeeee!

  5. That was a bad move now Jehzlau is going to spam your blog so that he will rise to the top for that keyword. haha just kidding. ^_^ I have not made a post about this yet but I will soon… :D

  6. SELaplana says:

    lol…. secret daw ung keyword pero nireveal naman. hahahah …. yeah i checked the google trends and the SERP and I think, it’s quite to include in our SEO activities….

    … sandali this comment is the reply to Eli’s comment on my blog… sorry…

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