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Adsense Earnings Going Up and Up!

Googel Adsense Earnings Going Up and Up and Up and hopefully (all my fingers are criss-crossed) it will continue to go up!

Thanks to the magic of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ek ek…

Lately, I’ve been doing (copying) SEO technique on my blogs coz I have to know for myself if this is true. That it will actually bring visitors to my blog. And it is! I read somewhere (tatamad mag search eh) that SEO + Traffic = money! True.

Before, I only get $10 a month on Adsense… Now, it’s $11 a month!! (just kidding). But $10 or less, somehow I’m happy with it.. aba earnings din yun from Googel! And and I’m not doing anything, I just post about pinoy bands and that’s it. No sweat.

Now, with the help of SEO (and other bloggers who will help me) I am starting to enjoy every cent earned! And every cent was hard earned! And seeing the graph of your blog traffic and number of visitors increase overtime (other days dramatically), is hard word paid off.

So, I think I’ll continue doing this blogging, keyword optimization, SEO, traffic and readership building for a while…

Keep on blogging! blog blog!

5 Responses to “Adsense Earnings Going Up and Up!”

  1. You have to reach a target of $ 3.33 a day.. to get a monthly cheque.. BTW I already pass thiss. thanks to SEO.. :)

  2. Making Money Online says:

    Congrats and good luck!

    Thanks for letting us in on your triumph!

  3. malaya says:

    Wow that’s good news! Sabi nga ni Marhgil, may kita sa adsense kaso kailangang matiyaga ka lang talaga at magaling dumiskarte.

  4. Nice Job Eli. Lately my adsense earnings have been good too. Thanks to Manny Pacquiao! haha

  5. joy says:

    eli, ang ganda ng new theme mo ah :) congrats sa adsense! galing mo na mag seo

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