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Calling SEO Freaks! What in Heaven is Googel?!

Here’s a new one I want to share to those fellow SEO freaks who are continually in search for high-trend but low-dense keyword to optimized!

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What in the world Googel? Well, just like Yutube and vedio, Googel is the most common misspelled word for Google that people use. There’s even a Wikipedia article for it! Other common typo error for Google is Googol, Gogle, gobble gogle gogol, and others.

Check out the trends for this keyword and how big the volume search is compared with our ‘pinay Sc@ndal’ keywords:

With that super big searches and only 800K search result, this is a perfect keyword to get that extra ‘kasshingg’ from Adsense.

So what are we waiting for? Time to put those SEO-optimizing hat and start optimizing! Let’s race to the front page of Googel! See you guys there in one month? 2 months? Let’s check April 18!

You could also try Googol which is almost the same as Pinay Sc@ndal

Anyway, see you sa front page ng Google for Googel! Cheers!

12 Responses to “Calling SEO Freaks! What in Heaven is Googel?!”

  1. marhgil says:

    wow! nice find! :) ayos.

  2. derek says:

    nice find eli. I’ll definitely make use of this. Thanks for sharing

  3. great! hahahaha! cge cge sali ako dito wahahaha!

  4. Oh cool. Nice find! Thanks for sharing!

  5. GAling nyan ah… teka lang paglaruan ko nga rin yan he he he…

  6. Rome says:

    ako rin! hehe ok lang ba? Beginner lang ako pero I’ll try :)

  7. Jeff Gordon says:

    cool stuff, thanks for the help

  8. Dexter says:

    This keyword is getting better and better I got 50 hits today

  9. eli says:

    wow, good for you dex! congrats!

  10. palaboy says:

    ayos ah! saan pa kaya pwede maghanap ng other high-trend but low-dense keyword….

  11. The_man says:

    But, the fact that Google results do display something like “Did you mean…….” do you think can yield any meaningful result?

  12. Elizar says:

    Hi The_man, i thought about that too, but apparently, some searches don’t notice that bold blue phrase.. they continue to stroll down and check the search result.. still puzzles me though.

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