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Pinoy Money Talk SEO Contest: I Give Up!

It’s still a few more days before the end of PMT’s SEO contest (March 14) but I finally gave up trying to complete with those SEO pros… ItsonmyTv, ShannonXJ, the guy behind Pinoy Compuworld, Rmil of BabyFace, and of course Jehzeel for topping Google for more than a couple of days It took some of my time and energy optimizing the ‘pinoy money talk‘ keywords and I don’t think I will make it to Google’s top list… Although I may not win, I’m still glad I joined the contest, there is still a bit of happiness inside, a sense of victory for having reached Google’s first page!

pinoy money taok

There’s even one time where I reached to top spot! Second only to PMT itself! (But I’m not sure if my Google account was logged when I checked it. :) The only disappointing thing that happened during this contest was my blog’s PR dropped from PR 3 to PR 0! Darn it! It’s probably those backlinks I created… Google must have thought I’m spamming…which in a way, I am.. :)

How in heaven can I regain my PR back? Haaayy.. Darn! I should relax.. don’t want to admit myself on a drug treatment center.. :)

6 Responses to “Pinoy Money Talk SEO Contest: I Give Up!”

  1. ang talino ni google no? hehehehe… sana sumali ka din sa SEOCONTEST2008, mas masaya kasi buong mundo! hehehe

    ako nga talo na din sa PMT.. di ko na din na asikaso.. kala ko kasi di na ako ma lalaglag sa top spot.. wahahaha! toink..

    yun ang tinatawag na… “MALING AKALA”

    hehehe :D

  2. Allen says:

    Mga SEO gods! haha anyways, Eli , you can file a reconsideration/re inclusion request to Google to get your pagerank back. That’s what I did to get my pagerank reinstated. :)

  3. Elizar says:

    @Jehzeel, pero tagal mong number 1 ha.. binantayan ko eh.. :) who knows.. baka last minute bigla ka manalo! Blowout!

    @Allen, nag request nako ng reconsideration.. sana ma approve, tagal ba yun?

  4. Allen says:

    Hindi naman ata. Just give it time. ^_^ Tsaka, do add the no-follow tags on those paid posts. ^_^

  5. Medyo malayo na rin ako dyan sa Pinoy Money talk.. nasa 2nd page na ako wwwaaaahh..

    BTW eli your site map url should be


    and not like the links you have left at my blog.. It should work..I use the same plugin

  6. Elizar says:

    oo nga no! thanks Dexter!

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